Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune ; 6 July 2019

Purely from the RoI perspective(yeah, the Gujju in me is banking on this to work) “Donating Blood” beats all other forms of donations!

This is how :
I never liked biology so don’t ask me how the body makes blood (after one has donated)!
But, it DOES on its own!
Isn’t it fucking cool? (answer: it is)

I mean, you don’t have to wake up at 6, work hard in the gym, follow any diet, nothing. No extra supplements.

Live a simple life (obviously, smoking, drinking and getting high on substances don’t count there). And you are good to donate every 3 months.

So coming back to RoI part = output/ input.

The input is 0 (zero) as you are not doing anything special to donate.

The output,
“you are saving someone’s life.”

Now pause. And read the last line again.
You are fucking Superman, saving people’s lives, without wearing underwear on your pants. Not kidding.

Just imagine, someone’s heart is beating not because you are DDLJ’s SRK but because you donated the blood.

RoI = human’s life / 0 = the answer will be infinite. Right ?!
Come on, give it a shot this weekend.

Now the less dramatic version of the request: if your body allows you to do it, please, please donate blood.
GOD will be blushing to see you doing good on earth. Cheers. Peace ✌🏽