Indian fans are going to remember Dhoni’s this run-out for quite a long time.‌ ‌Ind Vs Nz, Cricket World Cup Semifinal. 9 July 2019‌ ‌credits: outlook India

At first, we all thought it going to be a cakewalk. Then we thought, it’s ok, we will manage it. Then we thought, this is going to be crazy. And then, this happened and more or less, we all thought, it’s kinda over.

To all the sisters/ brothers who are still in the pain, just wanted to say, “you are not alone. there are many like us.”

Lemme share what am feeling :
As a cricket fan, from “crying it out” to mostly “feeling numb”, life is much changed from the late 90s to now, when we see days like this. Yeah, dinner isn’t going to taste that great today.

Like fans across the world, you also want to see your team winning the game.
But hey, the logic says, like politics, sports is also a zero-sum game.
But then isn’t it like love, where emotions from the heart take over the logical part of the brain!

The worst is the feeling of helplessness of “being a fan”. You know you are not (neither going to be one) a professional player that you decide to work fucking hard in nets tomorrow morning to make sure not to repeat the mistake on the pitch and be best in the business.

It seems like, all you gotta do is, wait. Wait for another 4 years. 4 fucking years. And then, the mind again goes numb. (while typing this)

There is no conclusion. There is no closure.

The mind tells the heart. “hey, it’s ok”.
The heart responds “you don’t get it. it’s not ok. not ok to lose when it matters the most. not at all ok.”

And there again you find that “silence”.

You try to remind and feel the philosophy of “time heals everything”.
And decides to go back to work, thinking, “do-whats-in-your-hands”.
Like a few movies, not all journeys have a happy ending. “

– an Indian cricket fan