You are “what-the-people-miss-the-most-about-you”,
when you are not around!

This shall help you find 2 core data-points around organisation-expertise fitment (considering you were the product and we were thinking of finding problem-solution and product-market fitment):

a). Your expertise in the organisation.
As no one else is as good as you that people when face a particular situation, can’t help but think of you.

b). And if no-one misses you, then you are on extremes ends :
Either you have delegated your work so well that you have made yourself irrelevant. Or,
“the hard truth”, you are in wrong organisation with your current skill set. You are there, but not there.
Basically, no one cares of you being around.

Time to upgrade the skills or leave (and join the org where you will be missed).