“Take a break” has been one of the most advised thing to do during this time of year.

+ Startup world recently lost an young entrepreneur (due to cardiac arrest) and since then many people (investors, founders..) in the ecosystem have been quite vocal about the health and wellness of founders and team for all the right reasons.

While the advice is so damn true, in reality, I feel, many founders and teams (and their families) will struggle to live by, due to combination of:

- limited / no-cash and hence shorter runway
- PMF, monetisation
- revenue growth
- ongoing tech hiring madness
- (barring very few) next round of fundraise to survive and grow

Try taking a break when you don’t have enough cash to pay salaries and rent. It’s difficult.
One can call it a bad cashflow management or poor planning etc etc but the situation doesn’t change.

The near-death to complete turn around business success stories do make a great read but the reality is, for each one who made it through, 100s did not.

Irrespective of outcome, all those teams and families would have gone through that stress and anxiety on multiple occasions.

And they will continue to go through in the hope to make it on the other side.

Call it ambition, passion, fear or greed, yes, it’s super important to “take a break”, the issue is,
body can, mind may not.
Not because it doesn’t want to, it just struggles to do so. :)