1st April is the best day to 'announce' the launch of new 'radical' initiatives, more so if they are at the brainstorming stage! :)

Given everyone is so quick to share their honest and unfiltered feedback on social media, it kind of saves so much of time and effort for the research on what to do, what not to do and the public perception!

Looking at the history, in the most cases, brands do not have to even worry about giving explanation if they were serious about something or it was just a prank!

If nothing else, this way, we will have fewer people getting offended. Fewer people asking for the team b/h the idea to be fired. And may be fewer hate posts on the internet! 🤍

#NewInitiatives #FreePR #LaunchMarketing

ps: my guess is, Zomato folks will agree with this idea wholeheartedly