2010- TheMangoWorld
2011- SOJITRA Textiles
2012- GIM
2013- YourStory
2014- TATA Capital
2015- WowMe

And the new chapter of life, tada.,

2016- ScaleFactor Labs
(thanks Ketan Hajarnavis for this one)

12 April 2016, Mumbai

The summary of the last few years should be like, “doing something, I firmly believed in and most times loved doing it!”

They say, failures are stepping stones (and much more gyaan) but when you actually fail, it does freak you out! Believe me!
All those years of madness do cost too much. That makes you cry and crumble at times!
But then every single time you fail, you become better than what you were before trying that. If not better, at least stronger, to take another blow!

Have a long way to go before calling it a day, and not taking that risk while I could, would be the last wish on my deathbed!

#TheNewJourney #ScaleFactorLabs

So what happened with WowMe?

Ran out of time and money!
Won’t blame anyone!
I so wish, I was a bit more aggressive, a bit more fearless!
I could have done better for sure.

Thank you all for supporting that dream. For app downloads, feedback and spreading the word about it. Means a lot.

So is WowMe dead?

Not exactly! Still believe, shopping is a non-productive activity and we need better tools to help us shop better and not necessarily more.
If we can, then meanwhile, let’s just hope that WowMe will do Mihir Virani / Jon Snow!