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Socks are Life!
by Hardik Sojitra — 1 min read

Socks are Life!

Life is Colourful. Socks Should Be, too.The most colourful portion of my wardrobe. And of my life, too. Pune, India17 March 2019There are two things, I love the most! Wristwatches and Socks! It was love at first sight with those colourful...

The Begining.

Hardik Sojitra — 2 min read

From having an “idea” of publishing online on my personal blog to “having” a platform where I can do, (to be frank) did not think, it will be this fast.

Workshop at MIT, Pune

Hardik Sojitra — 1 min read

Idea to Productworkshop for MIT-ID, PuneWe ran a Design Workshop for an enthusiastic bunch of designers from MIT - Institute of Design. The students took a one line...

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