Maa is someone who always makes “x+2” rotis when she clearly knows that you have the appetite for “x” rotis only!
And if you tell her to stick to that “x”, the diameter of those rotis will somehow increase for sure!

Yes, no matter how much you weigh, for your mom, you are always like, “beta, thoda aur kha le. Itne ghee/makkhan se kya hoga. (
upar se) Ek glass dudh to pina hi padega.”

And it’s not just limited to food, when Paa gives you ₹100 for pocket money, she will always add ₹20 from her side without letting Paa know. ha..ha..

Cheers to all the wonderful moms out there for having gone thru that crazy labour pain to bringing up all you guys so well!