It’s the end of the show for Team India!

But this WorldCup will always, always be special!
Playing in home conditions, being favourites, there was going to be a bit of pressure since the first game.

But what we witnessed, am sure, every time, I’ll be down, am gonna watch those 2 games for sure:
1). Last 5 overs against Bangladesh
2). Virat Kohli’s inning against Australia

And the best thing that has happened:
People are sad but not angry, we are standing by our side this time!
No news of stupid stone pelting as well.!! Yay.

Cheers to Bumrah’s Yorkers, Kohli’s Temperament and Dhoni’s Captaincy!

Tomorrow is the new day, and the new financial year as well! Let’s strive hard to make it big, on the field, off the field!