This got triggered from seeing people troll iPhone and ColdPlay for the pricing.

First thought: You can’t afford it, you don’t buy it. Period.
The items are not “needs” but “wants” and the organisations are not monopolies.

The “hypothesis” is, they think, they are worth that much, and they are asking for the same.

In a few days, we as people will “validate” the same by either paying what they ask for or not paying/buying.
And then if that happens, as a brand, they will learn a few lessons about pricing and perception! And there is nothing wrong even with that! Nothing wrong with experimentation!

So, the only thing in our hands is, to work our ass off to enjoy the so-called awesomeness! Because luxury ain’t coming cheap, babé!

ps: would love to see more Indian brands charging (so-called) premium across the world