Imagine, you are meeting wealth managers to manage your hard-earned money.
2 guys came to meet you with the proposal:
One wearing shorts, a tee and sliders. Another in a suit, tie, and polished formal shoes.
To whom will you hand over that cheque? (first impression basis, experience / qualification conversation yet to happen)

I heard a version of this story many years back and no matter how hard I try, I have always chosen the second guy in all these years.

So, in 2019 when I was working as a business consultant and my hair stylist, Umesh, asked me to get an eyebrow slit, my immediate response was "No way". I loved the idea but felt too much of a professional risk! I didn't want to come across as that wealth manager in shorts!

In 2021, again postponed because I was trying to raise funds for 91x. Why give VC that impression of a notorious founder?!
In 2022-23, was in a job, being at the office and meeting customers, so wanted to play safe.

In 2024, now that I am on a break, the immediate thought was what founders / HR would think when I met them to discuss job opportunities. When they are hiring someone with 10+ years of experience, what if this comes across as an immature act?!

In that rumination, a thought stood out:
All of my working years have been spent in a new initiatives role. By nature, that's risky and most of them failed / were / are bound to fail.
So, let this eyebrow slit be a good reminder of all those wild experiments, irrespective of their result. :)


In hindsight, can't believe, I waited this long for such a small change.
Am not sure, if people with colored hair, piercings, or tattoos go through the same thoughts because that personal choice might end up being a risk in a professional environment!