Every IPL season, there are enough star players across teams who go through the lean patch. So, nothing new.

Rarely does a player himself decide to take a break. Good form can just be an inning away and hope is quite a powerful thing. For all of us. :)


Maxwell is not the kind of guy who gives up easily. His World Cup inning against Afg is a prime example of that.

While I pray for Maxi's recovery, I just had way too many open-ended questions this time:

For a moment, just think of an uncapped player, playing his first IPL season, going through bad form while fighting those demons on and off the field!

What will he do?

Knowing he is lucky to get that opportunity in the first place, and it may be the last one!

Imagine you join an organisation and in the first few months only, you are just not able to function well. Will you be able to have a similar conversation with CEO / manager / HR? Knowing very well this was that golden opportunity.

And what if you are that CEO / manager / HR, what will be your response?


Yes, he is getting paid 11 Crore for 14+ T20 games, in 2 months.
Irrespective of nationality, it is a huge number. Across the world.

Because of his past performance, RCB may not release him next year, even if he is not available for the rest of the tournament this season.

Again, if you were someone drawing that huge salary, how would it impact you?
Will you be able to take that break with the burden of expectations?

And if you were on the other side of the table, how would you handle your star performer? When he comes back, is he getting fired, is he going to take a lower salary or everything remains as it is?


When I answered the above questions, I realised, it's quite easy for me to comment on players or management sitting on a sofa at my home, quite difficult when I am that player or management!

Yeah, hypocrisy is a bit tough pill to swallow. :)