Growing up watching Ekta Kapoor’s K-serials and hearing stories in my surroundings, I always wondered why didn’t someone break the chain.
The Bahu that had suffered from the devil Saas, why she did not treat her daughter-in-law well? No one is born with that sadistic pleasure.

Talking to friends and picking up from social media posts, am somehow not able to miss a similar pattern in our business world as well:

People who had terrible bosses, when they became managers, some of them continued this toxicity streak during their career progression as well! Why?!

That employee/boss will have his family members (parents, partners, siblings, children ++) working somewhere else. Am sure he doesn’t want his loved ones to go through the same sh*t, being mistreated.

Is he even aware that he is causing so much trauma for so many of his team members?

What’s stopping us from breaking the chain?
Intent or awareness?
What am I missing?